“An album that inarguably lives up to its title, which means joy.” – Jim Gilchrist – The Scotsman

“SVER has an enviable reputation for being one of the best live bands on the circuit and this CD has captured plenty of their irresistible spirit.” – Fiona Talkington, Songlines

“The music paints some wonderful pictures whilst defying you not to get up and dance.” – Dave Chamberlain, FATEA.

“The album ‘Fryd’ from SVER mixes music from the depths of heritage with the freedoms of innovation. You’re unlikely to resist, so why try, just go with it.” – Tim Carroll, Folkwords

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Fryd CD

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Upcoming Shows

05 Dec 2018 SVER Ransäter Geijerskolan Geijerskolan
06 Dec 2018 SVER Stöde Huskonsert Huskonsert
07 Dec 2018 SVER Järvsö Stallet Stallet
08 Dec 2018 SVER Bollnäs TBA TBA
09 Dec 2018 SVER Arbrå Huskonsert Huskonsert

Past Shows

02 Oct 2018 SVER Voss
01 Oct 2018 SVER Bergen Columbi Egg Columbi Egg
29 Sep 2018 SVER med vänner Oslo Riksscenen Riksscenen
27 Sep 2018 SVER Oslo Riksscenen Riksscenen
26 Sep 2018 SVER Rauland Vinjesalen Vinjesalen
20 Sep 2018 Sver & Moira Smiley Oslo Riksscenen Riksscenen
15 Sep 2018 SVER Geiteberg
14 Sep 2018 SVER & Sigrid & Aasmund Seljord Dyrskun Dyrskun
30 Jun 2018 SVER Delsbo, SE Dansbanan, Delsbostämman Dansbanan, Delsbostämman
28 Jun 2018 Snakka San & SVER Kjøllefjord, NO Chrisfestivalen Chrisfestivalen
09 Jun 2018 Øystein Sunde & SVER Røros, NO Sangerhuset, Røros Folk Festival Sangerhuset, Røros Folk Festival
21 Jan 2018 SVER Seattle, WA ( US ) Phinney Neighborhood Center Phinney Neighborhood Center
20 Jan 2018 SVER Bellingham, WA ( US ) Bellingham Folk Festival Bellingham Folk Festival
19 Jan 2018 SVER Bellingham, WA ( US ) Bellingham Folk Festival Bellingham Folk Festival
18 Jan 2018 SVER Olympia, WA ( US ) Traditions Cafe Traditions Cafe

Sumarkveld i Nivlheim

Video by Petter Berndalen


Video by Petter Berndalen


Video made by Rasmus Persson


Video made by Jens Linell



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SVER play grand Norwegian folk music with relentless energy and seductive spark taking you on a fantastic musical journey guaranteed to excite you. Ranging from the very dreamy to a swinging, pounding and sweaty madness – you are invited to the party, greeted by a welcoming primal force that pulls you into the dance.

In April 2015 the long anticipated sequel to “Fruen” was released. With the new album “Fryd” SVER aims for new heights with freshly composed fiddle hits, mixed with old tunes in new form.

Norwegian-Swedish SVER has since 2008 put on countless performances at festivals and clubs all over Europe. The last four years SVER has collaborated with the Swedish dance-hall artist Snakka San, and created the new genre Folkhall, playing in Scandinavia and have had multiple songs on the radio charts in Norway and Sweden.

SVER consists of Olav Luksengård Mjelva (fiddle and hardangerfiddle), Anders Hall (fiddle and viola), Leif Ingvar Ranøien (diatonic accordion), Adam Johansson (guitar) and Jens Linell (Drums and percussion). Olav and Leif Ingvar have played together since 2002. Vidar Berge joined the group in 2007 on guitar and together they released the self titled album “SVER”. In the spring of 2008 Anders and Jens completed the band, and they released “Fruen” in 2010. Vidar quit the band later that year and Adam joined the group. Since 2011 SVER has collaborated with the Swedish dance-hall artist Snakka San. You can check that out here.

SVER is:
Olav Luksengård Mjelva, fiddle and hardangerfiddle
Anders Hall, fiddle and viola
Leif Ingvar Ranøien, diatonic accordion
Adam Johansson, guitar
Jens Linell, drums and percussion


Foto: Ingvil Skeie Ljones

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SVER-landscape-husSVER-Landscape-Skog-Assymetrisk---webb1SVER landscape vattenspegel - Ingvil Skeie Ljones - crop