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“A pure party starter” is what the guys in SVER call their second album, and with than a musical toast to parties, girls, music and life! From deepest dwellings of the Norwegian mountains they have carved out a powerful sound that gives new life to the boring everyday life.
The cover is a mixture of woodcuts with national romantic touches and a good portion savagery. Released on Tal:ik and with the legendary Knut Reiersrud as producer.
  1. Kjostadlek
  2. Fruen
  3. Storhurven
  4. Fossegrimen
  5. Gorrlaus Gangar
  6. St. Croix
  7. Akkar
  8. Pang!
  9. Fjompen
  10. Jonas´ minne
  11. Kømmen frå Kongsvinger/Kongo feat. Knut Reiersrud